Sims 4 CC of my Art

I have been playing the Sims for a very long time and I am a creator for the EA Creator Network (also known as 'Game Changer'). I hardly ever use custom content, but I do enjoy seeing everything others create. I love the Sims community, although we can be a bit dramatic at times ;) However, overall we are a loving and supportive bunch and I have made quite a few friends within the community. Friends who are also very supportive when it comes to my art, so I decided to create cc of my art as a gift from me to all those lovely Simmers and their Sims out there. 

I hope you'll enjoy my art for your Sims houses! You're free to use it in your homes, videos and whatnot, but please do not include my files in anything you upload for others to download. I work hard on my art, so if you appreciate my cc, share the link to this page, don't share my files. Thank you!

Nature and Whatnot (this file needed two photos, both photos above lead to the same file)