A Happy Client

Published on 10 September 2020 at 16:33

Last week a dear friend of mine asked me to design a logo for her new company and I immediately had an idea in mind. So I got out my iPad, started drawing and created a logo that I thought my friend would like. When I showed it to her she was very quiet for a little while, during which time that little annoying voice in my head started talking to me, telling me that she must hate the design, despise the colours etc...etc.., but then she looked at me and said: 'It is beautiful!'

That made me so happy! She loved the idea and the colours and after trying to add a few things here and there, and deleting them again, I only had to make one small adjustment and that was it! I also showed her the same design in a few different colours, but she she loved the first set of colours best and a logo was born!

The most difficult part of this all was actually asking money for the design, because how do you ask someone, especially a good friend, to pay you for something you had so much fun creating? Also, how much do you ask? I talked to a few people about this, did some googling, slept on it for a few days and I have just sent my friend the bill. Considering what the going rate is for this kind of work, I certainly did not ask too much, but it still feels a bit weird. I am sure I will get used to asking money for my art sooner or later.

Anyway, all ramblings aside, here she is: Gaia!


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4 years ago

Beatiful design! Beautiful story!