Birds and Whatnot

Published on 13 May 2021 at 13:45

It has been a while since I actually wrote something for my blog and I guess that is because I am a bad blogger! ;) But today I want to share a problem with you all.


I find myself being too inspired by too many things, which for some artists might sound like heaven, but for me it seems to be a bit of a curse, if you will. I start all sorts of projects, work on many projects at the same time and then have a hard time finishing one. Maybe I should start walking around with my eyes closed so I don't see so many things I want to draw or paint. Although, I doubt that this will solve my problem and I will most likely just end up bumping into everything and knocking things over. Granted, that might be funny to watch for people around me, but eventually the novelty will wear off and people will just start to ignore me, and rightly so.


So, I need to start making a list and I need to actually stick to that list! I know I can do it...I think... ;) 


So far some projects on my list are:

- finish Britt's tattoo design

- create a logo for a client

- create a website for a client

- meet with another client to talk about drawings for his app

- create portraits of Laddie and Mac

- create botanical posters for Esther

- research for my Egypt travel journal/book

- work on and preferably finish my  'Soup and friends' picture book

- create birthday cards for the web shop

- finish my 'beautiful older people' portraits

- ...


Oh who am I kidding?? I know I'll just work on whatever strikes my fancy every day. Unless it is a commission for a client; I always put that kind of work first. So I do set some priorities and I think I deserve a pat on the back for that. ;) 


I did finish one project, though! Here are my birds: 


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Jessesue Bee Henry
3 years ago

I do this exact same thing with my poses! I see poses everywhere in my head, watching TV, movies, being outside, people watching! Your art is beautiful and I hope the world inspires you for a long time.